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The Omega plays with a fully rounded shape in a matte acetate for a more relaxed, modest design. An added element of texture runs along the stately temples, incorporating working rivets into this forward-focused reader.

Premium Hard Case + Cleaning Cloth Included.

Size - A 46 | B 40 | ED 47 | DBL 20 | TEMP 145

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1 Review

  • He loved them!

    Published by teresa on Jan 5th 2020

    Bought these as gift for husband. He is getting eye strain from too much and too strenuous computer work these helped. I was concerned with his accepting the style but they look so good and he knows it. Got them in the crystal. Great look with his gray hair!

    I also must say that he was having trouble with knowing which level h in f correction to use. I had ordered them I. One level and heard him express concern about correction number changing. I was able to call Scoji and cancel the first order before they shipped. They were so helpful and kind! Then I reordered them after the dust settled. Price is good so I am not concerned with maybe having to reorder when and if his number changes again. (Our aging eyes tend to go through changes periodically!).