• Happy Mother's Day from Scojo New York

    May 5th 2020

    Happy Mother's Day from Scojo New York

    Though every day should be spent celebrating the woman who helped raise and nurture us into the individuals we are, May 10th is a special day. Mother’s day is that one day out of the year where we…

    Published by Kawika Asuncion | Scojo New York

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  • Let’s Talk Blue Light

    Apr 2nd 2020

    Let’s Talk Blue Light

    Ask yourself a question. How long do you spend staring into a digital screen, even for just a day? Take a second and add it all up in your head.Now… think about this.For every moment you stare into th…

    Published by Team Scojo N

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  • New & Improved

    Oct 1st 2019

    New & Improved

    Hello Scojo New Yorkers,Welcome to the brand new! We have been working long and hard on a site that works best for you! We created this site with you in mind, and we would love to share some…

    Published by Team Scojo

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