Virtual Try-On from SCOJO New York

Virtual Try-On from SCOJO New York
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Published by Joel | SCOJO New York on Feb 8th 2021

What if selecting new glasses was as simple as taking a selfie? SCOJO New York’s Virtual Try-On experience unites tradition with technology to provide the most accurate virtual fitting around. Using the Safari browser with any iPhone 10 or newer, or an iPad Pro with Face ID, click here to jump in and browse your favorite SCOJO New York styles, then click the hexagon in the upper right corner once the frames appear.

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We created this timesaving feature with you in mind, our tech-savvy customers. Virtual Try-On lets you see a pair of SCOJO New York frames on your face from any angle, in real-time. Turn your head in any direction, examine every detail of the glasses and how they fit the shape of your face, scrutinize every possible viewpoint in this true-to-life, super HD environment. It’s as good as standing in the store with the frames in your hand, but without having to leave your home or your coffee, or worry about social distancing or touching anything but your own Apple device.

Light years above the rest

Unlike all the pseudo 3D, photo-based try-ons offered on other websites, our Virtual Try-On technology uses the hyper-realism of Apple’s Truedepth Camera and cutting edge facial recognition to map and measure your face precisely and project a true-to-life high-res model of the glasses on top. Not an approximation. Not a glorified Snapchat filter with cartoon glasses and obvious clipping. This is an accurate look at how these frames will fit on your face, and the only reason you won’t know it’s real is ‘cause you won’t feel them there.

As impressive as the tech part is, you’ll be even more blown away by how easy it is to use. SCOJO New York means convenience and comfort, and that’s exactly what our VTO delivers. Just click your favorite frames and explore, and switching between different models and color variations is a breeze. (It does get addictive though, so hide your wallet when you’re browsing or get ready to order a new eyewear display box!)

Anywhere, from any chair

You’re curled up on the couch with the coffee brewing and a favorite book in hand. Virtual Try-On lets you fit yourself for a new pair of frames without interrupting your daily routine or worrying about crowds, germs, or long lines. It’s the future of “try before you buy”, and it’s available for our most popular SCOJO New York models.

Virtual Try-On is also completely safe. Security is a must in this day and age, and VTO is protected with Apple’s Secure Enclave encryption and thoroughly tested by our in-house development team. Email if you have any questions or comments. We're always happy to assist.

Stay safe and shop on your schedule with Virtual Try-On from SCOJO New York. Freedom is in your pocket!