​Refer Your Friends for Additional Savings!

​Refer Your Friends for Additional Savings!
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Published by Kennedy | Scojo New York on Aug 21st 2020

We want to reward you for referring your friends and encouraging them to try our luxury readers and BluLite filtering glasses! Get $10 off your order once your friend makes their first purchase.

How do referrals work?

1. Head to our homepage

2. Go to SCOJO Rewards in the bottom left corner

3. Copy your referral link

4. Send it to your friends

Your friends will get $10 off their first purchase and once they finalize their order, you will get $10 off as well!

Want additional savings?

If you are not a member yet, head here to create an account then check out these six simple ways to start earning SCOJO New York points through our Loyalty Program!

1. Sign up: Signing up as a SCOJO New York member gets you 200 SCOJO points right off the bat! No better way to kick off the start of your savings.

2. Follow us on Instagram: Want 50 SCOJO points? Head over to Instagram and follow us for SCOJO highlights!

3. Like us on Facebook: Follow along on Facebook for another 50 SCOJO points. This is a good way to stay connected with us!

4. Follow us on Twitter: Keep up to date with our news and earn an additional 50 points by following us on Twitter!

5. Celebrate your birthday: There is no easier way to earn points than to simply have your birthday! As a gift, we award you 100 SCOJO points for your special day.

6. Place an order: For every dollar spent at you get 1 SCOJO point! Place your order and watch your points add up for special offers and deals.

What can you redeem with your SCOJO points?

$100 off coupon when you redeem 1,000 SCOJO points.

$40 off coupon when you redeem 500 SCOJO points.

$15 off coupon when you redeem 250 SCOJO points.

$5 off coupon when you redeem 100 SCOJO points.

And once you redeem your points for a reward, the reward will remain in your account until you decide to use it on a purchase.

If you have any questions about our loyalty or referral program, please email! We are happy to assist. SCOJO New York thanks you for being a loyal customer and for referring our brand to your trusted friends!