Insider Details Behind our Tribeca Collection

Insider Details Behind our Tribeca Collection
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Published by Kennedy Strain | Scojo New York on Jul 17th 2020

Tribeca, NY screams individuality and personality - your style should too. When the factory industry slowed down in the 20th century, this once textile-centralized city left behind immense industrial buildings that have now attracted and currently house flourishing artisans. This New York city thrives from the history of it’s architecture and original avant-garde creators that built a community full of life and distinct characteristics.

Our Tribeca Collection is based on the individuality that makes this community whole. We highlight the passion for life and the uniqueness of each individual in every one of our exclusive designs. This collection features mastery craftsmanship in optical quality, with our glasses staying in adjustment and featuring optical clarity lenses. In our collection, we capture the bond that creativity brings to this neighborhood and we want you to express your individuality with optical grade glasses while looking fashionable. We can guarantee a premium feel with free two day shipping, our outstanding customer service and free returns.

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