Back to School Checklist with BluLite Glasses

Back to School Checklist with BluLite Glasses
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Published by Kennedy | Scojo New York on Aug 28th 2020

BluLite filtering glasses are a must have on this year’s back to school checklist! 

With the current events leading students to learn from a distance, digital devices that emit blue light have become very popular tools to help with virtual communication.

Blue light is short in wavelength and high in energy— this allows it to scatter more easily than other visible light. When looking at devices that emit high levels of blue light, such as your computer screen or phone, this unfocused visual “noise” can cause eye strain.

A common side effect of prolonged blue light exposure is irregular sleep patterns, and a good sleep schedule is crucial to maintain during the school year. An irregular sleep schedule is linked to decreased alertness ultimately resulting in poor classroom performance.

How do SCOJO’s BluLite glasses actually work? The blue light filters used by SCOJO New York limit the amount of blue light allowed to pass through the lens. This is based on isolating the spectrum range where blue light exists and blocking/filtering those wavelengths out while letting all other wavelengths of visible light through. These blue light filtering lenses are optical grade, distortion free and offer the highest level of clarity for the safest and most comfortable viewing experience.

Featured is our Vatnik BluLite style. Retro inspired and luxuriously handcrafted, the Vatnik is a head-turner of sorts. A deep merlot frames the face while a subtle tortoise pattern accents the temples, deeming the Vatnik a stand-out piece. See our complete BluLite protection collection here!