The Top 4 Misconceptions about Reading Glasses

The Top 4 Misconceptions about Reading Glasses
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Published by Team Scojo on Jun 11th 2019

Despite growing in popularity in recent years as the fashion industry has wielded more influence over new designs, reading glasses remain the victims of a few pesky misconceptions. But these mistaken beliefs don’t really stand up to close examination, as we outline below. We’re here to debunk the four most common reading glasses myths—just to set the record straight as you consider springing for that first (or just a new) pair.

1. They’re just for older people.

This misconception is perhaps the most pervasive. Reading glasses, in fact, are not “just for older people”—whatever that means! Most people who wear them would have (or should have!) begun in their mid- to late-thirties, a result of decades of staring at text. (In print and digital formats—the latter, we learn every day, is especially degenerative to your vision.) If your sight can benefit by wearing them, then guess what? You’re old enough!

2. They have to be boring.

No one would deny that reading glasses are incredibly practical, useful, and in many cases necessary. But what some people fail to realize is that they are a fashion accessory, as well. Take our Tribeca Collection. It features a variety of outfit-making models that offer contemporary and iconic styling. The right pair that matches up with your personality will tie your wardrobe together and boost your confidence to new heights.

3. They cause vision to weaken.

Again, not true! Experts have attested, again and again, that reading glasses are a simple optical enhancement tool that in no way changes your vision—let alone makes it worse. Put this rumor to rest lest you go any longer straining in discomfort to see what’s on the page.

4. You don’t need more than one pair.

When you start seeing your readers as part of your outfit (which they most definitely are!), it becomes pretty clear that you need multiple pairs. Think about it: would you ever dare to own just one pair of shoes? Of course not. Have a few styles in your strongbox to match to your outfit for a really put-together look.