Anti-Fog Information

SCOJO New York Anti-Fog Spray is effective for reducing fog formation on plastic and glass surfaces, such as prescription eyewear, safety goggles, and face shields. Whether your eyewear is misting up from mask usage or cold weather, Anti-Fog Spray provides a reliable, long-lasting protection by creating a fog-resistant layer that keeps water droplets from sticking.



STEP 1: Thoroughly shake the solution.

STEP 2: Apply the solution evenly to both sides of each lens.

STEP 3: Allow one minute for the Anti-Fog Spray to dry before gently wiping each lens with a dry, lint- free cloth (such as the microfiber cloth found in our SCOJO Cleaning Kit).

STEP 4: Lightly buff each lens with another dry, lint-free cloth.

STEP 5: Wash your hands, put on your mask and eyewear, and enjoy clear vision for the rest of the day!


Anti-Fog is most effective when applied to clean lenses.

Anti-Fog Spray lasts up to 24 hours. Apply as needed.

Anti-Fog Spray should be reapplied after excessive contact with water, such as exposure to heavy rain or excessive sweating.

Store Anti-Fog Spray in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Store away from oxidizing agents. Keep containers closed at all times. Check regularly for leaks.

Avoid eye and prolonged skin contact. Avoid inhaling. Rinse mouth with water if ingested.

Wear gloves and safety glasses when applying for maximum protection. Wash hands after use.