Let’s Talk Blue Light

Let’s Talk Blue Light
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Published by Team Scojo N on Apr 2nd 2020

Ask yourself a question. How long do you spend staring into a digital screen, even for just a day? Take a second and add it all up in your head.

Now… think about this.

For every moment you stare into those digital screens, your eyes experience the full strain of blue light rays. After just a few hours, headaches can begin to form along with dry eyes and onset fatigue.

Right now, even while scrolling through this post, your poor eyes slowly absorb more and more of those devilish little rays.

Blue light is sadly found everywhere and not hitting the road anytime soon.

No matter where we turn it seems we’re sucked into a mobile device. Even with companies developing new ways to reduce blue light rays, it still follows us around in other forms like indoor lighting fixtures and even our “friend” the Sun.

So yes, even more blue light. Yay.

And the longer we’re exposed the worse it gets.

The Long Con

According to an article from USA Today, a study from the University of Toledo stated blue light can trigger toxic reactions in our eyes, slowly warping our retinal molecules and even playing a part in certain types of blindness.

So those hours of lying in bed scrolling through your phone are much worse than just losing a little sleep. Blue light packs a serious punch your eyes simply can’t afford.

Stop paying the price of blue light exposure – start fighting back.

Beat ‘Em, Don’t Join ‘Em

There’s never been a better time to invest in precautionary measures toward pesky blue light rays.

Blue-light glasses serve as the first line of defense in the fight for reducing exposure. The lenses are specially crafted for giving your eyes a much-needed break, canceling out the bad so your eyes can get back to feeling good.

For the many who already use reading glasses or even wear plain lenses simply for style, the addition of blue light means taking care of your eyes in the best way possible, while in turn upping your fashion game in a big way.

Here are just a few select styles that combine trendy designs with eyecare in mind.

Luckily, blue light lenses are now able to cater to all types, ranging from any level of reading power to simple plain lenses, or even half power for those who need just a little sharpening to their vision.

Just as technology becomes more cemented into our daily routine, so will the work to ensure your eyes are being well looked after, starting with blue light lenses.