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  1. Gemstone Readers Gemstone Reader

    Gemstone Readers

    Inspired by the 12 gemstones correlating with the calendar year, Scojo New York’s Gemstone Reading Glasses express their character with a splash of color and elegance. Individually stunning and outstanding as a collection, the Gemstone Readers offer a light-weight frame embellished with jewels. Optical quality lenses Scratch resistant coating Handmade frame Premium hard case included Size - A 50 | ED 51 | DBL 16 | TEMP 135
  2. Gemstone Garnet Gemstone Reader

    Gemstone Garnet

    This brilliant gemstone was adorned by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, representing faith, truth, and friendship.
  3. Gemstone Aquamarine Gemstone Reader

    Gemstone Aquamarine

    Aquamarine, the first birthstone for March, derives its name from the beautiful blue hues of the earth's waters.
  4. Gemstone Pearl Gemstone Reader

    Gemstone Pearl

    The pearl, June's first birthstone, is a gift from the sea as it epitomizes the exquisite beauty of nature unadorned.
  5. Gemstone Opal Gemstone Reader

    Gemstone Opal

    October's first birthstone, the mercurial opal, derives its name from the Latin word "opalus" meaning "precious stone.
  6. Gemstone Peridot Gemstone Reader

    Gemstone Peridot

    Peridot, August's first birthstone, is one of the oldest gemstones know to mankind.