Gels Retainers

Gels retainers at Scojo reading glasses.

Gels Retainers

  1. 73408 - Red

    Gels Retainer - 4 Colors!

    The Gels retainer provides a stylish and lightweight way to keep your readers secure while wearing or hanging around your neck. Available in four great colors and featuring metal adjusters, the gels retainer fits most frames. Learn More

  2. SportLoop-by-la-loop-SI08-SI

    La LOOP - Sportloop - 3 Colors!

    With its patented hinged technology, Sportloop keeps your Scojo New York readers securely in place in the loop. Durable stretch cord and a plastic loop – perfect for active wear. Recognized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York as an invention with style, Sportloop is a great solution to keeping your glasses at your fingertips. The length is 25 inches long. The loop is 23mm in diameter. Made in the USA Learn More

  3. looop-by-la-loop-762

    La LOOP - LOOOP - Antique Gold Chain

    La LOOP’s patented hinged technology keeps your glasses securely in place in the loop. The antique gold LOOOP chain combines fashion and function. The metal is made from lead free zinc alloy, normal zinc alloy and brass – with an antique gold finish. The length of the necklace is 25 inches. The loop is 30mm in diameter. Made in the USA Learn More